5 simple tips for a good start to 2019

Last updated: 01 November 2019

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It's common to set new year's resolutions and just as common to break them. We've all been there. This year we have a secret weapon, Dr Ayşen Şimşek, with some tips to help us set goals that are easier to keep and that will have a lasting impact. Here she is:

Hello everyone, my name is Dr Aysen Simsek and I'm a member of everyone.org’s support team. Today I'd like to share our team’s 2019 tips for a healthier lifestyle. We hope that you will join us and together we will begin the year on a more positive note!

I would like to start with my personal favourite...

Tip 1: Get more sleep. Get better sleep


Here is the Bartman. Our logistics expert was up all night making sure medicines were delivered. Sweet dreams, Bart!

This one is no surprise. You already know that good quality sleep is essential to maintaining physical and mental health and wellbeing, leading to healthy metabolism, concentration and productivity.

Around seven to eight hours of sleep per night is considered the norm, don’t get too hung up on the number. Yes it’s important to ensure you get enough sleep but it’s also about the quality of sleep you get.

Now is the perfect time to assess your sleep quality and change any old habits that are blocking you from getting the best sleep possible.

Tip 2: Stay hydrated


8 glasses of water per day!? Ha! Our social media aficionado, Pippa, gets 8 glasses of water per hour!

Staying hydrated is important. Water makes up about 60 percent of our bodies, so drinking enough fluids keeps everything functioning more smoothly from head to toe.

It may seem difficult for us to remember to drink enough water with the busy lives we lead. By the time you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated. I’ve found that keeping a refillable water bottle nearby is an easy way to help you remember.

Tip 3: Cut back on salt


Joanna, our copywriter, and her little friend take a quiet moment to contemplate the pros and cons of this salty snack.

Too much salt can raise blood pressure, which is a leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Most people around the world eat too much salt: on average, we consume double the recommended limit of 5 grams (equivalent to a teaspoon) a day.

Remove salt and salty condiments from the table and try to avoid adding them out of habit. Our taste buds can quickly adjust and once they do, you're likely to begin enjoying food with less salt, but more flavour!

Tip 4: Exercise


Who needs chairs!?!?!  Not our talented project manager, legs-of-steel-Laura!

I am sure many of you renewed your gym memberships before 2019. We know because we did.

This year we don’t want to fall short by February, so we decided to set more realistic goals and stay committed to them. We think of it as a lifelong commitment and we will make sure to take it easy at the beginning. For example, do a few stretches when you wake up. You can stay in your pjs, shake off sleep and get both your body and brain in a more productive mode before the day begins.

And the last one which I believe many of us find the most challenging.

Tip 5: Reduce your screen time

screen time

Here we have our marketing director, Brendan, in his natural habitat. Oh no, the computer screens are beginning to circle their prey. Watch out, Brendan!

Make this the year that you turn off all screens an hour before bed! Stop binging on boxsets and looking at Instagram one MORE time!
Artificial light later at night suppresses melatonin – the hormone you need to feel sleepy. Not only that but scrolling through social media or playing games can stimulate the brain making it harder to switch off.

Health is the New Wealth! It's never too late to start living a healthier life. From all of us at everyone.org, Happy New Year!